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Men's Sexual Health Problems

Sexual difficulties are nearly undeniable, each and every man faces some kind of sexual problem at some point in his life, it might be a temporary issue or a permanent disorder. Be smart enough to ta........ Read More

Sexual Health Supplements For Men

A man's sexual health as well as libido can decrease for several reasons. Many men experience erection difficulties when they reach a certain period in their lives, and libido can also decline as well........ Read More

Sexual Health Awareness And You

Modern society has adapted a very permissive view of sex that today's youth are more independent, expressive and liberated when it comes to sexual expression. In this high-tech culture where conventio........ Read More

Male Sexual Health: Past And Present

Preoccupation with the male genitalia and virility is not a new social behavior. Ancient civilizations had already placed a high value on the phallus not only for sexual reasons but also for the pres........ Read More

The Sexual Problem That Is Paraphilia

Sexual health problems, dysfunction, or disorder is a condition wherein a person experiences difficulty during any stage of the sexual act that prevents a him from enjoying sexual activity. The sexual........ Read More

Renewed Vigor And Sexual Fulfillment With Viagra

Many of us, at one time or another, have suffered from the inability to achieve and erection, or sustain an erection. When the incidence of this condition increases, especially with age, it becomes mo........ Read More

Keeping Your Sexual Health In Check

If you are sexually active, it is important the you keep track of your sexual health. Keep in mind that there are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases online and you can easily get them by being car........ Read More

Christian Sex - 7 Barriers To Fulfilling Married Sexuality

Many Christian married couples have yet to experience a fulfilling sexuality. Yet, it is an essential ingredient for a vital Christian marriage. Here are 7 barriers to a fun and fulfilling lovemaki........ Read More

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a common area of abuse effecting many people in their lives. Sexual abuse begins with a predator; this predator may attack or use molestation to get what he or she wants. Most predator........ Read More

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Rape, And Sexual Abuse

The estimated risk for rape survivors developing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is 49%. The risk for those beaten or experiencing physical assault is 31.9%, whilst the risk for others who exper........ Read More

Five Tips To Re-sexualize Your Self

Sex is an important part of your life and your relationship. It’s essential that you enjoy it. The conditioning on the body to be sexual and reproduce is the strongest on the planet. It is the secon........ Read More

Sexually Addicted? 10 Important Questions To Ask

There are many things in our culture that grab us and won't let go. Sometimes sex is one of them. Perhaps that's the case for you or your spouse/partner. Sexual addiction plays a prominent role in the........ Read More

How Often Does Child Sexual Abuse Get Reported?

How often does child sexual abuse get reported? © Judy H. Wright, parent educator and PBS consultant Body of article: Not nearly as often as it should. Most child abuse vi........ Read More

The Hidden Elements Of Child Sexual Abuse

While most people understand that acts such as kissing, fondling, rape and sodomy are all included in the definition of child sexual abuse, there are other elements that are not always visible, espec........ Read More

Martial Arts And Sexual Health

According to history, in A.D. 527, an emperor named Wu Di invited an Indian monk named Bodhidharma to travel to China. The purpose of the journey was for Bodhidharma to come and teach his fellow monk........ Read More


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Penthouse Playboy Sex Sexual Drive
Sexuality Sex Addictive Sexual Health Sexual
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Penthouse Playboy Sex Sexual Drive
Sexuality Sex Addictive Sexual Health Sexual
Sex Life Virtual Sex Opposite Sex Sexual Dysfunction

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