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Physical Care Of People With Mental Health Problems

RRP $235.99

This accessible, practical text provides mental health practitioners with the core knowledge and skills they need to be able to care effectively for the physical health of those who have been diagnosed with mental illness.

Linked closely to professional standards, and with a clear values- and evidence-base, the book aims to raise awareness of the physical health needs of individuals with mental health problems, outline the physical health assessment process and suggest health enhancing interventions for use in clinical practice. Consideration will be given to the following aspects of physical wellbeing;

- cardiovascular health

- diabetes

- sexual health

- respiratory health

- cancer

- wound care

- substance misuse

- infection control

- medicine management

Further chapters on legal and ethical issues explain the need to practise appropriately within the Mental Health Act and the Mental Capacity Act, while a linking theme throughout the book stresses the importance of health promotion.

Backed up by case examples and with a range of reflective exercises throughout, The Physical Care of People with Mental Health Problems is a key text for students and practitioners working in mental health services. It will also be useful reading for practice nurses, district nurses, midwives and all allied health practitioners.

Sexual And Reproductive Health

RRP $305.99

This volume brings together two areas of health that are among the foci of current development efforts, as articulated by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), namely sexual and reproductive health (MDG 5: improve maternal health, target 2: achieve, by 2015, universal access to reproductive health); and Gender (MDG 3: promote gender equality and empower women). Few, if any, published books have dealt in a comprehensive way with public health aspects of these two strongly interrelated areas of health. Most published volumes devoted to sexual and reproductive health have a strong clinical focus, whereas books on gender tend to concentrate primarily on the socio-cultural and anthropological aspects of the subject.

* Focuses on the relationship between sexual and reproductive behaviors and the resulting impact on populations and societies as a group

* Provides a science-based approach to identifying appropriate response plans, adaptations, and mitigation steps for related behaviors

*Explores the financial and societal impact of behavioral choices

*Includes new preface specifically for this audience

Men's Sexual Health And Fertility

RRP $381.99

In the last decade, much of the clinical interest in the field of infertility has focused on advancing reproductive techniques and has often under-appreciated the role that male sexuality plays in reproductive problems. Male sexual function is an integral part of reproduction, and the treatment of sexual dysfunction is an important component for any couple seeking fertility. In some cases, treatment of sexual dysfunction may obviate the need for more invasive cures through advanced reproductive techniques. Thanks to recent clinical and scientific advances in male sexual medicine, the management of men's sexual dysfunction is often more effective and less invasive than how it was historically described.

Men's Sexual Health and Fertility is the only resource that focuses on the interplay and interconnections between male sexual dysfunction and male factor infertility, gathering insightful data from a panel of experts in male sexual medicine for clinicians who treat couples with fertility issues due to male sexual dysfunction. Chapters discuss advances in the field of men's sexual medicine, including the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction, the most up-to-date understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of ejaculation, and the growing body of evidence that low testosterone and male infertility are intimately related. As such, this book provides important information in order to be able to better understand the link between sexual dysfunction and infertility and, most importantly, to better treat male sexual dysfunction in the infertile couple.

A Manager's Guide To Sexual Orientation In The Workplace

RRP $427.99

For the first time ever, managers have a tool that will enable them to effectively tackle the controversial, and sometimes explosive issues surrounding sexual orientation in the workplace. Cultivated from Bob Powers' 25 years business experience with some of the world's finest organizations, "A Manager's Guide to Sexual Orientation in the Workplace" provides managers with the knowledge, skills and resources to foster higher productivity and performace through an all-inclusive work environment.
In "Part I," managers are introduced to fifteen workers who relate their remarkable life histories about being gay, lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual in the workplace. Through real-life situations from corporate America, managers gain knowledge of sexuality issues that influence co-workers, employees, bosses and customers alike.
In "Part II," managers learn how to select diversity-sensitive employees, define their responsibilities in the workplace, set performance expectations, provide feedback and recognition, and reward success to cultivate the open and inclusive work environment. As workers shift their energies away from "hiding" their sexual orientation, workplace productivity increases to achieve and exceed goals and objectives.
In Part III, managers develop strategies to effectively communicate the company message of inclusion and openness in the workplace. Features include:
"101 Ways to Make the Workplace More Inclusive"
A sample diversity policy to foster a productive work environment for diverse groups of employees
A resource guide of community organizations, consultants, speakers bureaus and outrach programs in the US and Canada
A complete bibliography of source material
In this easy-to-read guide, CEOs, human resource directors, and staff managers alike will find the best resource available to successfully manage sexual orientation issues in the workplace and create a highly productive workforce to gain the competitive edge

Focus On Health

RRP $18.99

Change is the only guarantee in life. The decision to make positive changes is a fantastic adventure! Physical and mental health are the two most important things we have in an ever changing world. "Focus on Health" is a 30 Day Interactive Journal; it's a journey that challenges the thought behind bad habits, the decisions needed to make healthy choices and the encouragement to follow through. This is the first of Dyanna's "Focus" series that is sure to inspire lasting change. She guides you through the emotional and mental blocks to success. Pen and Paper can be extremely therapeutic. Dyanna Ridge believes the answers are locked in our minds, and guided writing can bring to light those issues we have long forgotten that keep us repressed.


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