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Confronting The Challenge Of Reproductive Health In Africa

RRP $302.99

Confronting the Challenge of Reproductive Health in Africa is an indispensable resource for anyone delving into the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights, either as a student, practitioner or policymaker. The compilation of chapters provides contemporary and detailed information about the context, principles and practice of reproductive health in Africa from multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial perspectives, as well as evidence for designing cost-effective interventions. Written in a simple free flowing prose by experienced international scholars, and organized in an orderly manner, the book will fill an important gap in health promotion for development in Africa.

Sexual Health And Bollywood Films

RRP $320.99

Outstanding and original, this book by Dr. Anvita Madan-Bahel (PhD, Columbia University) integrates the current theory and literature on South Asians and engages the reader in meaningful ways. There are few studies in Asian/Asian American studies and in psychology (as well as other fields such as cultural studies, film, etc) that address the spectrum of topics included in this creative, thoroughly researched and well-written book. This book will be a valuable reference for those in many disciplines, including Psychology, Asian Studies and Women's Studies. "In this seminal piece, Dr. Madan-Bahel uses Bollywood film clips to foster thinking and discussion on critical topics in sexual health for South Asian female youth. This work is unique and innovative in many key ways. ... Dr. Madan-Bahel offers a variety of recommendations for practice, research, and policy that will continue to influence the field for years to come. This is impressive, inspirational, and groundbreaking work!" - Christine J. Yeh, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, University of San Francisco

Maternal, Newborn, And Women's Health Nursing

RRP $326.99

This new book will be a core text for undergraduate Maternity/Newborn courses. It also will work for courses emphasizing Women's Health across the lifespan. Coverage includes core content on preconception, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. In addition, the text focuses on important topics throughout a woman's life: health promotion, nutrition, medical issues, psychosocial issues, sexuality, family, fertility control and issues, menopause, and aging. While other texts touch on the different stages of a woman's lifespan, this book provides more detail and information in areas outside the average maternity text.

Sexual Compulsivews Anonymous

RRP $17.99

The "Little Blue Book" is the fundamental text of the fellowship of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous. Its contents were written by members of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous in New York and Southern California between 1982 and 1989 with the additions of the pamphlets "What About Masturbation" and "Secret Shame" in 2002.

Advancing Federal Sector Health Care

RRP $381.99

Advancing Federal Sector Health Care: A Model for Technology Transfer focuses on current federal sector efforts to shape healthcare efforts that improve performance while containing costs. The solutions offered within include redesigning processes and using enabling technologies to do so. Historically, innovations in the federal sector have migrated toward, and in some cases profoundly changed, some practices in the private sector. As a result, many of the initiatives described involve some degree of partnering between the public and private sectors. Others represent significant advances within the federal sector that address the same problems confronted in the private sector and offer both valuable and transferable solutions and approaches. The major strength of this book is its use of concrete examples that show how process redesign and the integration of enabling technologies have led to performance improvement and cost reduction in the largest healthcare system in the world. The contributors--Aall acknowledged experts in their fieldsAdraw upon their knowledge of the healthcare industry and their expertise in working within and with the federal sector health system. In addition to giving insights into what federal sector leadership is doing to address the challenges of population health, each chapter highlights the perspective employers, payers, and deliverers of health services. Topics include: - The Emerging Federal Sector Healthcare model - IT Privatization and Outsourcing: A Model Approach - Improving Provider Performance: A Case Study on Privileging and Credentialing - E-Health: Future Implications - Telehealth This book presents an evolving model for federal sector health care and addresses technology transfer issues. It explains how performance improvement, through redesign and technology, will shape a new model for health care. This new model will also serve as a guide to integration between public and private healthcare entities. About the Authors: Peter Ramsaroop, M.B.A., is a former practice director of First Consulting Group, responsible for public sector business development, marketing, and management. Mr. Ramsaroop is now chairman and founder of HealthCPR.Com, Inc., which id providing the first Bank of Health(TM) solution to the industry. He has served in the Department of Defense and an Air Force Medical Service Corps officer. Marion J. Ball, Ed.D., is a member of the Institute of Medicine, adjunct professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, and former vice president of First Consulting Group. Coeditor of Springer-VerlagAs Health Informatics series, she is actively involved in a wide range of health informatics applications in the public and private sectors. Judith V. Douglas, M.A., M.H.S., formerly a manager at First Consulting Group, is an adjunct lecturer at The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. A columnist for MD Computing, and a member of several editorial boards, she is a published writer and editor in the areas of nursing and healthcare informatics.


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Penthouse Playboy Sex Sexual Drive
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Penthouse Playboy Sex Sexual Drive
Sexuality Sex Addictive Sexual Health Sexual
Sex Life Virtual Sex Opposite Sex Sexual Dysfunction

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