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Delicious Healthy Cuisine

RRP $16.99

This book will provide you with instructions on how to create the perfect dishes using various Chinese herbs and spices. Traditionally, herbs are consumed as tea. Since it can easily be absorbed by the body, this is the most common way to consume herbs. However, we can actually mix certain herbs in order to create delicious soups and dishes. If the smell of the tea is pungent, then we can just mix the herbs in various dishes. Generally, it is great to take herbs when you have an empty stomach so if we add them with various dishes, then we will have a very healthy meal. Chinese herbs can bring various benefits to the body; foremost of which is that they can be used in treating chronic diseases. Many people who are suffering from chronic ailments take commercially-manufactured drugs. Since those drugs have a negative effect inside the body, they should not be utilized often. Instead of using western medication, there are certain herbs that can remedy pain syndromes, neurological disorders, stress related conditions, heart problems, respiratory conditions, sexual dysfunction, as well as immune system deficiencies. That is why herbal medicine is a safer alternative. In traditional Chinese cuisine, herbal medicine has its place. Various herbs are used not only in the clinic but also in the kitchen. When an illness occurs, Chinese doctors firmly believe that consuming food can actually help. They urge people that using correct herbal medications can cure any form of disease. Various dishes can actually be used in delivering various herbs, especially tonics, into the body. Some potent tonics, such as wolfberry and Ginseng, are therapeutically effective and can be readily absorbed by the stomach when they are mixed with foods such as pork or chicken. This book will provide you with various ways on how to prepare dishes with different herbs.

Maternal, Newborn, And Women's Health Nursing

RRP $326.99

This new book will be a core text for undergraduate Maternity/Newborn courses. It also will work for courses emphasizing Women's Health across the lifespan. Coverage includes core content on preconception, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. In addition, the text focuses on important topics throughout a woman's life: health promotion, nutrition, medical issues, psychosocial issues, sexuality, family, fertility control and issues, menopause, and aging. While other texts touch on the different stages of a woman's lifespan, this book provides more detail and information in areas outside the average maternity text.

Women's Mental Health Services

RRP $266.00

In this volume, authorities from around the United States and from a variety of perspectives analyze and discuss key topics in women's mental health, including empowerment, substance abuse, severe mental illness and interpersonal violence.

Issues examined in the first part focus on service delivery - for example, the organizational structure of service delivery, gender and racial service disparities, and challenges women face as mental health administrators. Contributors to Part Two explore special issues and populations, including women who have survived trauma such as sexual abuse, and women with mental disorders who are in prison.

Homosexuality And Science : A Guide To The Debates

RRP $286.99

Highlights: - Includes moving narratives of gay people mistreated by medical science, revealing the shocking therapies used in attempts to change their sexual orientation- Criticizes attempts to prove scientifically that homosexuality is pathological and curable- Makes available important, hard-to-obtain historical documents on the treatment of homosexuality

A Woman's Guide To Intimate Health Care

RRP $8.79

A Woman's Guide to Intimate Health Care answers those difficult and embarrassing questions women often are unable to ask their own doctor.
Know instantly what's safe to use, what's not, when it's okay to self-treat, and when it's time to seek professional care. Also included is the latest information on: General woman's hygiene, Menstrual disorders, The hygiene of menstruation, Irrigations or vaginal lavations, Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge)


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Penthouse Playboy Sex Sexual Drive
Sexuality Sex Addictive Sexual Health Sexual
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